Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tadpole Press Website Launch, Cover Art Decisions & More!

There are a lot of fun things I'm excited to share with you today, and for those of you who are visually oriented, today's post is extra delightful!  First up, I am thrilled to announce that my website for Tadpole Press has launched!  Check it out here -  Please click around, test the links, read the content, and leave me your feedback either below or send it to me directly.  I'd love to hear what you think, if you run into any weird issues, and especially if you come across any typos.  Since this is a platform for my editing business, typos are my dreaded enemy, so please quest them out so I can vanquish them!

If you want to hear about any upcoming special events, be sure to subscribe to my company mailing list.  Don't expect a lot of news from this list, though; I envision that it will be used pretty sparingly to offer special deals or announce when my books get published.

And if you know of anyone who is looking for an editor, please send them my way.   Our doors are open for business!

Second up, I am having so much fun working with my illustrator Penny Weber on the cover design for the book I'm writing.  I just got her second round of rough sketches and they are all so wonderful, I am kind of wishing I didn't have to make just one cover, because I'd love to see all of them!  But, eventually I will have to nail it down to just one design.  Which one is your favorite?

Sophie and Spot

Finally, how's the writing going, you ask?  It is still somewhat relegated to the back burner for the moment, though not entirely.  I woke up before 5:00 a.m. last week and since I couldn't fall back asleep, I decided to get up and write.  It felt so good to immerse myself in the story again!  I love when the words flow effortlessly, the characters deepen, and the plot moves forward in ways that feel like new worlds opening up around you.  It was fun.  And within about an hour, I had another 1,000 words written, breaking the 30,000 word barrier.  It was reinvigorating and I'm looking forward to the next big chunk of time when I get to sit down and write again.

Status:  30,435 words.  Reviewing first drafts of cover sketchesTadpole Press website published!


  1. I like all of the type layout, but I like the middle illustration best because Sophie and Spot are larger and the main focus. So excited for you and your journey! Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom! Excited to share the next round with you!